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Author loewis
Date 2002-09-30.15:23:49
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If you get your configuration via dhcp, the DHCP server
should provide you with your domain name as well. If it
doesn't, the DHCP server is misconfigured; ask your
administrator. Do you have any indication that any other
program on your system is capable of computing the domain
suffix you want to see?

The issue with properly resolving a remote system (assuming
'moonbeam' is remote) is a well-known (to me, atleast)
limitation of the Windows Socket library (winsock): if you
are requesting information on the local system, DNS is not
considered. DNS queries are only sent for remote systems.

I'll close this bug as third-party (MS, in this case); if
you later find that there is indeed a Python bug, please
make a new report.
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