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Thank you very much for working on this!  I'll try to take a look at the patch soon.  A couple quick comments based on your posting: first, the email module now has a BytesFeedparser that will accept a byte stream, which I hope might simplify your patch.  Second, it would be very helpful if you could upload your patch as an 'svn diff' against the current py3k trunk (see for details on how to do that).  That will make review and application of the patch much much simpler.  (This would be true even if more of the code in has changed than not.)  If you don't want to set up an svn checkout, then a context diff against the copy of you started with would be second best.  Please post any files individually as .patch or .diff or .txt files...these are preferred in the tracker over .zip files because they can be viewed without downloading.
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