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Date 2010-12-31.19:02:49
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Here is a proof of concept patch if anyone wants to play with it.    Note that a higher value could be used for the j option; multiple threads help even on uniprocessor systems since a bunch of the tests spend time waiting around.

The patch removes the '-l' option from the make test run.  I'm not sure that matters, since we do our best to fix memory leaks before shipping a release, and we don't use make test to do our leak testing (as far as I know).

I'm not sure this is an appropriate solution, so I won't apply this unless I get some favorable votes from committers and/or packagers. 

One interesting thing is that several additional tests show up as altering the execution environment when run this way.  That bears investigation at some point, but is an orthogonal issue.

As noted, test_trace does not pass, but only one test within it fails, so that ought to be easy enough to fix.  Also note that this "fix" would only be applicable to 3.2 and 2.7.
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