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> Just for the record, I was about to try to do this, when I realized that exposing prctl requires expecting a variable number of arguments with variable types.
> It turns out providing a Python wrapper for such a kind of C API is just a pain.
> There's an implementation though, handling 2 args only (instead of 5):
> Considering that this also Linux-only, I don't think it really worths the effort.

It's actually simpler than you think: I don't think any of the existing
controls uses arg4 and arg5. PR_MCE_KILL uses arg3, though. prctl is
really a set of system calls, and should be wrapped as such: each
control needs to be supported specifically. However, several of them
are similar, i.e. take either no argument, or have

Whether it's worth supporting it, I don't know. I stand by my original
proposition: if somebody would contribute this, I'd be in favor of
including it. I'm unlikely to write it on my own from scratch, though.
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