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Author ethan.furman
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Date 2010-12-27.21:37:33
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I like MRAB's suggestion best:

MRAB wrote:
> Suggestion: an explicit 'raise' in the exception handler excludes the
> context, but if you want to include it then 'raise with'. For example:
> # Exclude the context
> try:
>     command_dict[command]()
> except KeyError:
>     raise CommandError("Unknown command")
> # Include the context
> try:
>     command_dict[command]()
> except KeyError:
>     raise with CommandError("Unknown command")

I think we can even strike off the verbiage "in the exception handler"... that way, raise always does the same thing -- raise KeyError will raise a KeyError, always, not sometimes a KeyError and sometimes a KeyError nested in a WhatEverError.
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