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Date 2010-12-26.19:42:16
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IMO there's no way to fix this.  I suggest closing it as invalid, since the problem is a buggy ISP DNS server, and the problem only occurs when is down.

The canonical fix to problems like this is to remove dependency on the external service, but that would presumably defeat the entire purpose of test_xmlrpc_net.  So one "fix" would be to delete this test entirely.  Which if we have mock-server xmlrpc tests, might not be out of the question as a solution.  Note that the second test in that file tests against the xmlrpc interface of our buildbot master, and that support has been formally removed by upstream and only restored by us...presumably at some point we'll drop support for it too, when it breaks too badly to be easily forward ported.

Since there was, if I remember correctly, an extended period when's time service was down, simply deleting this test file may in fact be the best move.
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