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You are right, this is not a bug in Python. The diff provides a workaround for a limitation in VC++ 2008 Express. This diff is a piece of user service.

An equally as workable workaround is for the user to copy VC\bin\vcvars64.bat into VC\bin\amd64\vcvarsamd64.bat. Once that is done, distutils works without the workaround provided in this diff.

Whether to provide a workaround within Python for an issue in VC++ 2008 Express can certainly be debated. I for one suggest to err on the side of being friendly, rather than insisting on purity.

Consider that users of Python do include hobbyists and students. For them, VC++ Pro may be out of reach. And there are plenty of reasons for building 64-bit binaries, among them learning exercises.
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