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Date 2010-12-23.12:33:33
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Tested on Ubuntu 10.04: all tests pass and apport intercepts the fault. Apport ignores the faults because I am testing a Python executable compiled from SVN (py3k). Apport logs (/var/log/apport.log):
apport (pid 18148) Thu Dec 23 13:29:25 2010: called for pid 18147, signal 8
apport (pid 18148) Thu Dec 23 13:29:25 2010: executable: /home/haypo/prog/SVN/py3k/python (command line "./python -c import\ _testcapi;\ _testcapi.sigfpe()")
apport (pid 18148) Thu Dec 23 13:29:25 2010: executable does not belong to a package, ignoring
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