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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-12-20.00:12:31
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Version 10 of my patch:
 - the fault handler restores the previous signal handler instead of calling (DebugBreak() and) abort(): the previous signal handler will be called later to keep the orignal behaviour
 - _testcapi.sigill() and _testcapi.sigbus() send SIGILL/SIGBUS signal in an unlimited loop instead of sending the signal once. So the signal is sent again after calling the Python signal handler, and the previous signal handler is called
 - (minor change) use 2 arrays (fault_handlers and fault_signals) for all signals, instead 2 variables (xxx_enabled, xxx_handler) for each signal

With this patch, the original signal handler is called and so the Python fault handler is compatible with OS fault handlers like grsecurity and Apport.
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