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Date 2010-12-11.17:12:27
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test_pipe_cloexec_unix_tools() is specific to UNIX/BSD because it requires cat and grep programs. You should try to reuse the Python interpreter to have a portable test (eg. working on Windows), as you did with

+        data = b'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\n'
+        subdata = b'aaa'
+        assert subdata in data, "Test broken"

Use maybe subdata = data[:3] to avoid an assertion.

I don't understand why do you talk about "atomicity". Do you test add non-atomic operations? Was subprocess atomic?

If I understood correctly, you are fixing a specific issue which can be called something like "subprocess: close pipes on exec(), set FD_CLOEXEC flag to all pipes", and no more changing the default value of close_fds. Can you update the title please?
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