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I think this is locale problem. With "C" locale on windows,
wcsftime doesn't return UTF16. (when non ascii characters
are contained)

It is just like ....
char cbuf[] = "...."; /* contains non ascii chars in MBCS */
wchar_t wbuf[sizeof(cbuf)];
for (size_t i = 0; i < sizeof(cbuf); ++i)
    wbuf[i] = cbuf[i];
/* just copy it. non ascii chars in MBCS uses two bytes,
   but should use 1 char space in UTF16. But this case,
   it uses 2 chars space! (something strange encoding) */

In japanese, wcsftime returns non ascii characters for
timezone in this strange encoding. Python converts this

            ret = PyUnicode_FromWideChar(outbuf, buflen);

so Unicode object will contain data in this strange encoding.
This is cause of problem.

I investigated a little about locale, and I learned C
standard does not guarantee wchar_t is always UTF16.
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