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Author belopolsky
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Date 2010-12-06.16:52:28
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One of the uses of problematic uses of PyUnicode_GetSize() is in Macintosh Gestalt interface:

/* Convert a 4-char string object argument to an OSType value */
static int
convert_to_OSType(PyObject *v, OSType *pr)
    uint32_t tmp;
    if (!PyUnicode_Check(v) || PyUnicode_GetSize(v) != 4) {
                    "OSType arg must be string of 4 chars");
    return 0;
    memcpy((char *)&tmp, _PyUnicode_AsString(v), 4);
    *pr = (OSType)ntohl(tmp);
    return 1;


This function seems to require a bytes, not str argument as interpreting 4 UTF-8 bytes as an int makes little sense.
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