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Date 2010-12-04.02:22:49
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The urgency was only that I didn't want the other contributors to this issue to feel as though the bar on their contributions were being raised higher every time they jumped the previous bar.

IOW, I did it to make them feel like somebody was doing *something*.  In hindsight, that was not necessarily the best tactic.  ;-)

(Given the nature of the bugfix and the bugfix-only status of the 2.7 line, I don't think the lack of an automated test is a big deal; the odds that anything other than trivial bugfixes will be applied to this module in the future seem negligible to me.  At least, I would *hope* that it is not planned to destabilize this module in 2.7.x any further than it already was by the changes that broke it in the first place.)
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