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On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 5:41 PM, Ezio Melotti <> wrote:
> Ezio Melotti <> added the comment:
>> * the Py_UNICODE_JOIN_SURROGATES() macro should use Py_UCS4 as prefix since it returns Py_UCS4 values, i.e. Py_UCS4_JOIN_SURROGATES()
>> * same for the Py_UNICODE_NEXT() macro, i.e. Py_UCS4_NEXT()
> I'm not so familiar with the prefix conventions, but wouldn't that lead users to think that this macro is for wide builds and that they have to use Py_UCS2_* macros for narrow builds? If these macros are supposed to abstract the build type maybe they should have a "neutral" prefix. (But if the conventions we use say otherwise I guess the best we can do is to document it properly).

When I was using the name, I did not think about argument type.
Py_UNICODE_ is just the namespace prefix used by all macros in
unicodeobject.h. Case in point: Py_UNICODE_ISALPHA() and family that
take Py_UCS4.  (I know, there is a historical reason at work here, but
why fight it?)

Functions use PyUnicode_ prefix and build specific functions use
PyUnicodeUCSx_ prefix.   As far as I can tell, there are no macros
with Py_UCS4_ prefix.  The choices I like in the order of preference


I can live with anything else, though.
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