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Date 2010-11-27.23:02:24
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Attached patch uses MISSING_CODE as Mark suggested.  There are still errors apparently because parsecodes() may return either an int or a tuple.  I think only mac encodings are affected, so I would like to commit the current patch before tackling this issue. 

$ ../../python.exe MAPPINGS/VENDORS/APPLE/ build/ mac_
converting ARABIC.TXT to build/ and build/mac_arabic.mapping
converting CELTIC.TXT to build/ and build/mac_celtic.mapping
converting CENTEURO.TXT to build/ and build/mac_centeuro.mapping
converting CHINSIMP.TXT to build/ and build/mac_chinsimp.mapping
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 424, in <module>
  File "", line 394, in convertdir
    pymap(mappathname, map, dirprefix + codefile,name,comments)
  File "", line 358, in pymap
    code = codegen(name,map,encodingname,comments)
  File "", line 271, in codegen
    precisions=(4, 2))
  File "", line 155, in python_mapdef_code
    mappings = sorted(map.items())
TypeError: unorderable types: tuple() < int()
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