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Date 2010-11-26.19:21:17
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Simple coroutine with for loop works:

>>> def pack_a():
        while True:
            L = []
            for i in range(2):

>>> pa = pack_a()
>>> next(pa)
>>> pa.send(1)
>>> pa.send(2)
[1, 2]

If using list comprehension (generator expression), it fails:

>>> def pack_b():
        while True:
            L = [(yield) for i in range(2)]

>>> pb = pack_b()
<endless loop here>

I understand what's going on here - generator expression is converted to nested function and there's no way to either stop the execution inside nested function (since it's not started yet!) or send() a value to its yield expression. Still I think this behavior is a bug and needs fixed.

- best fix would make it behave the same as for loop.
- if it's not fixable, yield expression inside genexp should not be allowed.
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