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> > I ended up loading my incremental patches in, but it's easy enough to
> > diff the base with the last patch.  If for some reasons it doesn't
> > work as conveniently as I expect, let me know and I will upload it to
> > Rietveld again as one big patch.
> I've started reviewing, and I must say that incremental patches would
> have made more sense if they didn't mutate each other's changes. Still
> reviewing though, thanks for the upload.

Ok, things are even worse: comments I've made to intermediate patches
have wrong URLs in the summary e-mail, so they don't point to the right
line numbers. Certainly a bug in Rietveld, but I'm not willing to do it,

Bottom line is that you're making too many gratuitous changes, including
style changes, and probably useless changes (Py_LOCAL_INLINE everywhere,
nitpicking over ISLT / IFLT...). Also, there's some strange complication
in some places which deserves comments and justification.

Next time, please upload a single patch. Really.
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