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Date 2010-11-23.20:59:29
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Doc patch applied to 3.2, 3.1, 2.7 in r86717, r86718, r86719
Jeremy Thurgood added to 3.2 Misc/ACKS in r86720.
(I know, I should have added this first before committing.)

I am leaving this open for a possible behavior patch.

Mathew: look at the examples by Tom Lynn and Jeremy Thurgood for unit tests. My comment "If newlines in the text are left in, [with replace_whitespace=False] they should reset the
characters-in-line count to 0 the same as inserted newlines." may be all that is needed for a fix.

If and when there is a behavior patch, the current doc patch should be reverted (undone) with an alternate doc patch.

Whoops, you just added a patch while I wrote the above. I will try to take a look if no one else does.
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