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Author Martin.Budaj
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Date 2010-11-23.17:55:40
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The method Sniffer._guess_quote_and_delimiter() in the module contains a bug in a regexp which checks for quotes around the last item of the line (example: a,b,"c,d"\n).

the pattern
'(?P<delim>>[^\w\n"\'])(?P<space> ?)(?P<quote>["\']).*?(?P=quote)(?:$|\n)'
used in the regex should be changed to
'(?P<delim>[^\w\n"\'])(?P<space> ?)(?P<quote>["\']).*?(?P=quote)(?:$|\n)'

file line 212 in python 2.6, line 216 in 2.7, line 207 in 3.1
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