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The proposal is to display builtin subclasses as for example:

>>> help(ArithmeticError)
class ArithmeticError(Exception)
 |  Base class for arithmetic errors.
 |  Method resolution order:
 |      ArithmeticError
 |      Exception
 |      BaseException
 |      object
 |  Built-in subclasses:
 |      FloatingPointError
 |      OverflowError
 |      ZeroDivisionError

Note that this really affects only exceptions because no other builtin class has builtin subclasses.  (dict has subclasses in collections, but not in builtins.)

Exception hierarchy is presented in the reference manual at

I wonder if rather than having MRO and subclasses sections, we should just present a portion of the exception hierarchy including the given exception, all its bases and direct subclasses:

 +-- FloatingPointError
 +-- OverflowError
 +-- ZeroDivisionError
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