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Date 2010-11-22.23:12:54
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> I doubt this fix will be enough to fix compilation with mingw32.

So somebody will have to verify independently. If it fails to fix
the bug completely, it's out of scope for 2.7 (it's out of scope for
2.7.1 IMO either way).

> With this patch, "#ifdef MS_WINDOWS" has the meaning of "linked with
> some version of MSVCRT". Do we agree on this, or is another symbol
> necessary?

MS_WINDOWS is defined as

MS_WINDOWS - Code specific to Windows, but all versions.

So it does *not* imply "MSVCRT". Introducing a new preprocessor symbol
is also out of scope for 2.7, so if we mean "MSC or mingw", we need
to spell that out (i.e. defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__MINGW32__)).
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