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Date 2010-11-22.14:10:37
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Review time!

+            elif "[" in text:
+                self.matches = self.dict_key_matches(text)
Does this complete only dicts?  What about other mappings?  What about other sequences implementing __getitem__?  One of the function name and the function docstring (“Compute matches when text contains a [”) is wrong.

I’m not familiar with rlcompleter’s internals, so I’d like a few comments sprinkled in the code.

Please wrap your lines at 79 columns, and follow other advice given at for the next version of your patch.

+        The evaluation of the part before the '[' could be enhanced.
This belongs in a comment or a test, not the docstring.

+                          'DictCompleteMe[\'öh, вау!\']',
I find it more readable to avoid escaped quotes whenever possible.  Here I would use "DictCompleteMe['öh, вау!']".
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