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Senthil Kumaran writes:
> I have doubts on the validity of this bug itself.
> - First is, query and fragment are usually for the file being served
> from the webserver, not on the directories. If there are characters such
> as '?' and '#' in the directory names, which may get featured in the
> path, then those should be quoted in the request. So foo/dir?baz is
> wrong where as foo/dir%3Fbaz it the correct request.

That's backwards.  Start with the URL spec (RFC 3986), not with
thinking of filesystem paths.  If '?' or '#' do occur in the URL, they
are not part of the path.  That is the case this bug report is about.

That's because it reserves these characters for query and fragment.
So yes, the if filesystem path contains '?' or '#', these must be
escaped in the URL.
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