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assertEquals is deprecated, I’ll change to assertEqual.

> What patch are you referring to? I've tested this on py3k
> with no changes to
The goal of a test is to show an error so that it can be fixed.  In this case, the test is still useful to make sure things work, especially in distutils2 where we are changing the filelist (now manifest) module a lot.

I think now that my comment “forget RPM” was wrong.  This is not a problem with RPM, but with bdist_rpm, so even if filelist behaves correctly with spaces, bdist_rpm does not.  If there is a way to make rpm read one line at a time, we should use it.

Toshio: Do you have an idea how to do that?  Otherwise we’ll close as wontfix and forward to the bdist_rpm2 project, where they have more freedom to change code.
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