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Date 2010-11-21.19:31:43
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I think the change below is sufficient if we decide that the '#g' formatting should always have the given number of significant digits.

--- Lib/      (revision 86635)
+++ Lib/      (working copy)
@@ -3701,7 +3701,8 @@
                 self = self._round(precision+1, rounding)
             elif spec['type'] in 'fF%':
                 self = self._rescale(-precision, rounding)
-            elif spec['type'] in 'gG' and len(self._int) > precision:
+            elif spec['type'] in 'gG' and (len(self._int) > precision or
+                                           spec['alt']):
                 self = self._round(precision, rounding)
         # special case: zeros with a positive exponent can't be
         # represented in fixed point; rescale them to 0e0.
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