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Date 2010-11-21.04:07:49
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The following program is misbehaving with python3.2

 import signal, time

 def sighandler( arg1, arg2): print("got sigint");    assert 0

 signal.signal( signal.SIGINT, sighandler)

 for i in range(1000000):

I'd expect Ctrl-C to terminate the program with AssertionError and that's indeed what happens under python2.7.

But with python3.2a, I get "Assertion Error" 1 out ~10 times. The other 9 times, the program locks up (goes to sleep? ps shows process status as "S"). After the program locks up, it does not respond to subsequent "Ctrl-C" presses.

This is on 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04.
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