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Author MarkRoddy
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Date 2010-11-21.00:38:25
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Adding patch for py3k which implements Raymond's suggested fix which utilizes collections.Counter.  

Have not changed the name of the assertion method as this seems as though it may be outside the scope of this issue, but I can produce another patch with the name change if desired.  Though how the old name should be deprecated needs to be addressed.

Note that it may make sense to reconsider the current failure message from this test to take into account the fact that the test could be failing due to the number of entries for a single value differing between the two sequences.  In this case the "Expected, bug missing..." or "Unexpected but present..." messages are still utilized but could be miss leading.

Also, holding off on porting to unittest2 until the above issues have been addressed (or at least confirmed to be non-issues).
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