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Date 2010-11-18.05:06:40
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> The point of this bug report was that 3.x pydoc was sending users to
> 2.7, which is clearly unacceptable.
Agreed.  My reply about x.y vs. x.y+1 was a reaction to your patch, not a misunderstanding of the point of this bug.

> As long as documentation bug fixes are backported to maintenance
> branches, I don't see an advantage in consulting 3.2 when developing for 3.1.
I prefer version-specific docs too, but the thread on python-dev seemed to show I was not in the majority.

> Now, I keep this issue open to decide if we should backport this to
> 2.7 where this is not a bug (yet), but will be when default docs
> switch to 3.x.  What do you think?
+1 for backporting.
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