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On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 11:26 PM, Éric Araujo <> wrote:
>> If there was say latest/X.Y, I would use that.  Wait -
>> there is:  Would you prefer that?
> My point was that people used 2.7 docs even when developing for 2.6.

The point of this bug report was that 3.x pydoc was sending users to
2.7, which is clearly unacceptable. As long as documentation bug fixes
are backported to maintenance branches, I don't see an advantage in
consulting 3.2 when developing for 3.1.

Now, I keep this issue open to decide if we should backport this to
2.7 where this is not a bug (yet), but will be when default docs
switch to 3.x.  What do you think?
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