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>> 1) I assume you have checked that this code does not produce two newlines (one in the string,
>> one from the print function or write method):

> Yes, it should be clear from the output that I presented above.
Okay, I had missed that.

> I think TextDoc.indent() takes care of the trailing '\n'.
What is take care?  Removing it?

> That won't work for maintenance branches. (I am not even sure docs are
> built for maintenance branches.)
3.1 and 2.7 docs are rebuilt.

> I am not so sure about micro-version
There is only one version* directive which uses a micro number.  It’s a bit unfortunate.

> If there was say latest/X.Y, I would use that.  Wait -
> there is:  Would you prefer that?
My point was that people used 2.7 docs even when developing for 2.6.
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