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The attached patch, issue10446.diff, makes help(sys) look as follows:


    The following documentation is automatically generated from the Python source
    files.  It may be incomplete, incorrect or include features that are considered
    implementation detail and may vary between Python implementations.  When in
    doubt, consult the module reference at the location listed above.

    This module provides access to some objects used or maintained by the
    interpreter and to functions that interact strongly with the interpreter.  

Georg, I noticed that there is no link yet, but I don't want to complicate the URL generation logic unnecessarily to accommodate pre-release versions. If you can suggest some simple test for pointing to 'dev' instead of 'release/X.Y', I'll add it, but I don't see it as a priority.

If you test the patch from the source tree, please note that pydoc has some strange logic that excludes uninstalled modules except ones in a hardcoded list.  This should be changed at some point.
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