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Date 2010-11-15.17:55:01
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This should be done or very close to done.

The -g option, gui(), and serve() functions are deprecated.

The new features are browse(port, *, open_browser=True), and a '-b' option.  The '-p port' option does browse(port=port, open_browser=False), so _startserver() does not need to be part of the API.  If anyone wants to access the server directly, then we can discuss making it it's own module, or a submodule in a package.

Because we deprecated the gui() function, I figured we need to make browse() public.  The only reason it would need to be private is if we want a different name or signature.  (Any thoughts?)

I left Lib/urllib/, Lib/test/, and Lib/test/ alone.  I presumed you fixed bugs in them that needed to be fixed anyway.
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