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Maybe I am missing something, but the result in regex seem ok to me:
\A is treated like A in a character set; when the test string is changed to "A b c" or in the case insensitive search the A is matched.

[\A\s]\w doesn't match the starting "a", as it is not followed by any word character:

>>> for s in [r'\A\w', r'[\A]\w', r'[\A\s]\w']: print regex.findall(s, 'A b c')
[' b', ' c']
>>> for s in [r'\A\w', r'(?i)[\A]\w', r'[\A\s]\w']: print regex.findall(s, 'a b c')
[' b', ' c']

In the original re there seem to be a bug/limitation in this regard (\A and also \Z in character sets aren't supported in some combinations...

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