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In 3.x, "(object)" is now superfluous in class statements. Reference manual 7.7. Class definitions has simply
    class Foo: pass

In library manual 2. Built-in Functions, class examples for classmethod and staticmethod are the same. Class examples for dir, property, and type still have '(object)' in their class examples. Section 5.11.4. Methods example omits it. I cannot think of anywhere else there should be such examples.

I think we should be consistent and remove the remaining occurrences of '(object)' in the function examples. They can only confuse newcomers.

This part is easy.

I also think the doc for 'class' should say that the default inheritance is from the base class *object* (I presume this should be true in all implementations) and that 
    class Foo(object): pass
is the same as the above (unless the name 'object' has been rebound!).
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