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On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Gregor Lingl <> wrote:
> Imho it is very important to clarify the name convention for demoscripts to be added to the demo before committing
> (or at least before the apperance of beta1). It decides about adding scripts to the Examples Menu of the viewer.

I would rather separate move under Lib and any other changes.  However
since files are moved anyways, we can use this opportunity for name

> We all know, that things once they have found their way into Lib cannot be changed easily afterwards. Guido's
> argument on backwards compatibility applies. So now is the only point in time to decide about this.

I don't really expect people to import modules in their
programs.  These are designed as stand-alone scripts and I am not
proposing to change that.  We can further warn users about that in the
documentation, but I think it is obvious that demo scripts are not
supposed to be used as production components.

> Should we
> - stick with the tdemo_ prefix or
> - change to another pre- or postfix (like eg. bytedesign_demo)
> - or should we allow for arbitrary *.py filenames with some exception (e.g. filenames that contain an underscore)
>  to mark files that are not meant as demos for the viewer?

In the long run, I would like to add a separate template that will
determine the choice of modules for the viewer and allow menu choices
to be different from module names and the order to be different from
alphabetical.  For not, however, I am going to allow any name except
those starting with an underscore or "two_canvases".
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