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Date 2010-10-29.13:25:58
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Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Antoine Pitrou <> added the comment:
>> The warning will trigger without any reason.
> Well, by now you should have understood the reason, so I conclude that
> you are either 1) deaf 2) stupid 3) deliberately obnoxious.
> This is my last answer to you on this topic. Goodbye.

Ignoring your insults, I think the problem is that you fail to see
point or address it:

Warnings in Python are meant to tell programmers that something
should be fixed. The warnings in the examples I gave do not point
to cases that need to be fixed, in fact, they are very common
idioms used in Python books, examples and tutorials.

Note that you've just added warning filters to the test suite
to ignore the warning again. I find that a good argument
for not having it in this form in the first place.

A truely useful ResourceWarning would trigger if resources gets
close to some limit, e.g. if the number of open file descriptors
reaches a certain limit. This could easily be tested when
opening them, since they are plain integers.
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