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> @pitrou: Why is this marked "Python 3.3"?  If the error handling in
> the C module is corrected, it's in a good enough shape to be committed
> before 3.2b1, and the remaining bugs ironed out until final.

I think it needs a real review before going in. Now if that review can
get done and the issues fixed before the beta, it's ok. By a quick look
at the code it seemed to need quite a bit of polish before being
acceptable for commit, but I might be mistaken.

(we should also avoid the multiprocessing syndrome where we rushed some
alpha-quality code just before the feature deadline and then had to fix
many issues in urgency. I do believe xz/lzma support is important in the
long term, though)

Oh, by the way, Per should agree to do maintenance directly against the
CPython repository. Please, no more externally-maintained modules (you
know what I'm talking about).
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