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I should note that I've only ever been testing this with SystemTap, on Linux.  I don't have a box with DTrace, and I've never directly used it.  I wouldn't today be able to diagnose a buildbot failure related to DTrace (I believe I would with systemtap, fwiw).

Are there any DTrace experts around who would be willing to handle the DTrace side of this?  If not, would it be reasonable to make this issue be only explicitly about "systemtap"?  (e.g. perhaps change the "configure" argument accordingly?)  Alternatively, given that this bug originally started as an RFE about DTrace, should we split out systemtap as a separate RFE?

I'm sorry if I've "muddied the waters" by doing this.

For example, the only test coverage I've written ( checks for the presence of a "stap" executable, and skips the tests if it's not found.  I'm not familiar enough with DTrace to create the same for DTrace.

FWIW (in response to IRC question): "thread_indent" is documented here:

It looks like it may be systemtap-specific; however the only usage is within, guarded by the presence of a "stap" binary, skipping the tests if it is not found.
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