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Date 2010-10-13.14:59:48
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It looks like this doesn't yet have any test cases.

You probably should invoke a child python process that crashes and examine the output (perhaps running some/all of the examples in Lib/test/crashers ?); you may want to "steal" some of the wrapper code from Lib/test/ to do this.

Test ideas:
  - generate a segfault, verify that the output is sane
  - generate a FPE (likewise)
  - perhaps run all of the crashers, and ensure that something sane happens (e.g. stack overflow when the limit is set to something that's beyond what the OS/CPU can cope with).

Also, please test the interaction of this with the debugger (with gdb, at any rate): as I see it, this ought to gracefully get out of the way if you're running python under a debugger.  See Lib/test/  for more examples of how to detect gdb, and invoke it in batch mode from a test suite.
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