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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-10-13.11:10:12
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> dmalcolm asked if it would be possible to display the 
> Python backtrace on Py_FatalError()

It works :-) I fixed a bug in ceval.c (r85411) which was not directly related.

Patch version 5:
 - Display the Python backtrace on Py_FatalError() (if no error occurred)
 - Use _PyThreadState_GetFrame(tstate) instead of tstate->frame
 - Create _Py_DumpBacktrace() function
 - _Py_DumpBacktrace() doesn't display anything if there is no frame (tstate->frame == NULL), it's the case during Python initialization
 - replace fprintf() by calls to fputs/fputc in Py_FatalError(): fprintf() might raise a new error, I prefer simple functions (safer and faster)
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