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Some quick comments:
- the C module should be private and therefore called _zipdecrypt
- if you want to avoid API mismatch, you could give a tp_call to your C decrypter object, rather than a "decrypt" method
- you can put all initialization code in zipdecrypt_new and avoid the need for zipdecrypt_init
- it's better to use the "y*" code in PyArg_ParseTuple, rather than "s#"
- you should define your module as PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN and use Py_ssize_t as length variables (rather than int)
- you *mustn't* change the contents of the buffer which is given you by "s#" or "y*", since that buffer is read-only (it can be a bytes object); instead, create a new bytes object using PyBytes_FromStringAndSize(NULL, length) and write into that; or, if you want a read-write buffer, use the "w*" code
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