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Author rbgrn
Date 2002-08-07.05:14:19
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I'd give you the URLs but I don't think it matters that much, 
I've seen this problem now hitting 4 different machines, all 
running linux/apache. It's not something very easy for me to 
reproduce because I only see the exception thrown once or 
maybe twice during the day where there are 20,000 hits from 
my daemon that day. I suppose that the way to reproduce it 
would be to have a list of urls, and to just have an app sit 
there and cycle through them doing a GET every 5 seconds 
or so, and eventually it should show up. I suppose to be more 
accurate the app would have to be threaded as well, maybe 
having a thread for each url that just opens an 
HTTPConnection every 5 seconds.
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