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Date 2010-10-10.16:42:41
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> Do you have a patch to fix the issue?
no, I don't. I just wanted to move stage from "unittest needed" to "needs patch" :)

After reading issue8098, now I realized that this is broad issue as belopolsky said in msg110095. 

For new reader of this issue after me, I would like to share my understanding.

Patch like below can solve this ticket. (changing "ImportModuleNoBlock" call to "ImportNoBlock")

 static PyObject *
 time_strptime(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
-    PyObject *strptime_module = PyImport_ImportModuleNoBlock("_strptime");
+    PyObject *strptime_module = PyImport_ImportModule("_strptime");

But "the function PyImport_ImportModuleNoBlock() was introduced and used in modules such as the time module to supposedly avoid deadlocks when using threads." 

So we could not apply that patch.
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