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Here is the API addition I would suggest for the http.client module:

Add two new keyword arguments `context` and `check_hostname` to HTTPSConnection; `context` would allow to pass a SSLContext instance for certificate checking and other options (default None, meaning no checking); `check_hostname` would specify whether to check the hostname against the URL (default to check only if context is present and context.verify_mode != CERT_NONE).

Here is the API addition I would suggest for the urllib.request module:

- Add constructor arguments `context` and `check_hostname` to HTTPSHandler. They will be passed to the underlying HTTPSConnection.

- Add `ssl_ca_file` and `ssl_ca_path` arguments to the high-level function urlopen(); if at least one of them is present, a custom opener with a custom HTTPSHandler will be created, mandating the checking of server certificates
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