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Here is an updated patch incorporating the reitveld feedback and feedback from python-dev about the API.  Now we have BytesParser instead of Parser with a parsebytes method, and a message_from_binary_file helper.  Generator also now converts bodies with an 8bit CTE into bodies with an appropriate 7bit coding.

Things still to do: (1) Add the (documented in this patch) BytesFeedParser class. (2) Figure out how to encode unknown bytes using the 'unknown' MIME charset in headers instead of replacing them with '?'s.  (3) Once I land a revised patch for issue 6302, add a flag to DecodedGenerator to have it fully decode headers.

I'd like to land this patch before Alpha3 if possible, so I'm setting it to release blocker for Georg to decide whether or not that is possible.  I'll complete the work in subsequent patches after the alpha, but everything needed to test the patch in field conditions is already present.

Georg, feel free to knock down the priority right away if you don't think it is ready or don't want to take time to even decide if it is ready :)
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