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> Indeed. But, strictly speaking, there are no tests for IPs, so it
> shouldn't be taken for granted that it works, even for commonName.
> The rationale is that there isn't really any point in using an IP rather
> a host name.

I don't know if there is a point or not, but some hosts are for some 
reason intended to be connected to using IP address and their 
certificates thus contains IP addresses. I think we should support that 
too, and I find it a bit confusing to only have partial support for 

> Well, that's additional logic to code. I'm not sure it's worth it,
> especially given that the function is called match_hostname in the first
> place.

"hostname" in Python usually refers to both IP addresses and DNS 
hostnames (just like in URLs), so I think it is a fair assumption that 
IP addresses also works in this hostname function.

Perhaps it should be noted that CertificateError only is raised by 
match_hostname so a paranoid programmer don't start catching it 
everywhere - and also that match_hostname won't raise SSLError.
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