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I use the setproctitle module extensively. It has worked flawlessly.

What would be needed for this to get accepted? I realize one shouldn't stress such a decision, but still I feel this is something the standard library should be able to do.

My justification for inclusion into the standard library is that one has to make a workaround on systems where setproctitle ISN'T installed (I don't feel such a small component should be a requirement for production use.)

Everywhere I use setproctitle, I have to go:

        from setproctitle import setproctitle
    except ImportError:
        setproctitle = lambda t: None

Which is not only rather lengthy, but also IMO entirely unnecessary. As I noted, setting the process title is mostly for convenience and aesthetics, and therefore it's hard to justify the dependency. For that reason I think standard library inclusion is more relevant than otherwise.

So, are there any other reasons to wait with this other than the need of a PEP and proposing that to python-dev or whatever forum is best suited?
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