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Attached is my script for running a more comprehensive battery of speed tests.  The script itself requires Python 2.6 with argparse installed or Python 2.7 (which includes argparse).

For obvious reasons, please make sure that your unpatched and patched versions of python are otherwise identical (same source, same compiler, same configure and compiler settings, etc.).

The script will create subdirectories to store data, so please run it in the speed_test directory.

Example usage:

otto:~/speed_test$ ./ ../py3k-unpatched/ ../py3k-patched/ 'sort random'

otto:~/speed_test$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [--minn MINN] [--maxn MAXN]
                     [-r, --repetitions REPETITIONS] [--graphs]
                     control experiment [tests [tests ...]]

Compare the speed of two list implementations

positional arguments:
  control               control/python
  experiment            experiment/python
  tests                 Names of tests to conduct

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --minn MINN           Minimum list size
  --maxn MAXN           Maximum list size
  -r, --repetitions REPETITIONS
                        Repetitions; how many times to repeat each experiment
  --graphs              Generate performance graphs as a function of n;
                        requires gnuplot

Available experiments:
sort random tuples
sort random key
sort reversed
sort random objects
sort sorted
sort sorted key
sort random
sort sorted objects
sort reversed key
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