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I do not deny that the behavior described in the doc is a bit strange (keying off of type, ignoring value) is a bit bizarre and contrary to reasonable expectation based on other programs. But to alter behavior before 3.2 or later would require a clearly demonstrated discrepancy between doc and behavior, which I do not see. For startup behavior, some discussion on pydev or python-ideas lists would probably be needed.

If the C code you posted is a quote from the Python source, please give the file path, preferably for current trunk version (the py3k branch). The second 'if' looks a bit strange at first glance, but I will not judge without seeing more.

> I believe setting this environment value to zero and expecting the feature to be off (given no contradicting options) is reasonable.

Optimization is off by default. So there is no need to have a environment value that means to keep it off.  Just do not set it. Or unset it if needed.

That said, the code you showed suggests that the option/environment interaction is more complicated than I thought, at least for this pair.
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