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Date 2010-09-20.04:55:48
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This is the patch I'm thinking of. I confirmed this works
on VS8.0. (After replaced "..\\.." with "..\\..\\..")

E:\PYTHON~1\py3k\PC\VS8.0>python_d.exe Release Win32 -a
Found a working perl at 'C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe'
Found an SSL directory at '..\..\..\openssl-1.0.0a'
Executing ssl makefiles: nmake /nologo -f "ms\nt.mak"
Building OpenSSL
        copy ".\crypto\buildinf.h" "tmp32\buildinf.h"
        Copied one file.
        copy ".\crypto\opensslconf.h" "inc32\openssl\opensslconf.h"
        Copied one file.
[45178 refs]

By this change, two header files are still copied. I feel
it's strange header files are modified but none of sources
are not re-built.
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